Go for Culture

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For over ten years we have been more than satisfied with travel arrangements by Northside Travel.  We have total confidence in their recommendations and appreciate the warm friendliness which characterizes Northside’s service at every step of the way.  This includes follow-up when the trip is over.  Finally, we appreciate suggestions for trips we may wish to consider reflecting an awareness of our interests. 

— Gwen & Barry, Salem, SC

See how much fun we had visiting Chile and Argentina.


If you haven’t already been to Italy, you must! If you have, most likely you’ll want to go again and again. Italy is easily our favorite destination and one of our specialties. Let Elena, our guide in Siena, spend a day or two with you and you’ll be an expert in the wines of Tuscany. Tiziana can bring Ancient Rome to life and Michele will regale you with tales of the Temples at Agrigento. We have great connections throughout Italy and we know the best places to stay from palazzos to agriturismos. Andiamo!


Baltic Cruise

Having just returned from a 12 day Baltic cruise on the 694 passenger Azamara Journey, I can honestly report that this is truly a cultural experience. Cruising allowed us to unpack only once, yet visit the important port cities of Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn and the crown jewel of them all, St. Petersburg. Be sure to find a cruise that gives you 3 full days in this “Venice of the North” city, a minimum amount of time to appreciate the history, art and local flavor. We arranged with our local guides to have private shore excursion to avoid the large crowds. Travel Tip: If you are not partaking in a ship board excursion or a prearranged excursion with a local Russian operator, you must purchase a Russian Visa before entering the country. ~Mary Jo


River Cruise

A river cruise combines both relaxaion and culture all in one trip… the reason why it has become one of the most popular means of travel. With an average of only 150 passengers, the on-board experience is intimate and friendly as you view the scenery from the lounge or the open air sun deck; participate in the enrichment lectures; fine dine with fellow passengers in the open and “one seating only” dining room and top off the evening with some local entertainment. Daily stops along the river are scheduled with shore excursions included in your cruise cost to the important sights to see. Having taken river cruises on most of the rivers in Europe, on the Nile and the Yangtze, we have specific reasons for recommending a particular cruise company for each region. Let’s talk!!

Where will you travel to next? Contact us to help plan your next cultural excursion.