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We have booked tours independently with all major companies but now use Northside Travel. Why? It’s simple. They know the business and the players in the business and are knowledgeable advocates for us. They are truly connected around the world and have enhanced our tours by making pre or post trip ideas with these “partners”. In short, you feel that someone at home on Cape Cod is “holding your hand” and looking out for your best interests as you explore the world.

 —  Dottie and Jim, East Orleans, MA


A Safari in Africa is a true adventure, accessible to all ages and abilities, and it’s easier and more affordable than you would guess. Imagine yourself in the midst of scenes from National Geographic documentaries – stampeding herds of Wildebeests, black rhinos in the Ngorogoro Crater, tracking a pride of lion in the Serengeti, visiting a Masai village. And in the evening returning to your “camp”. A tent, yes, but so much more – rugs on the floor, comfortable beds with elegant linens, a private bath and dinner an elegant candlelit affair under the stars.


Nowhere else in the world is there such a collection of incredible creatures so fearless in the presence of man. In the Galapagos, it’s possible to walk within arm’s reach of an albatross, blue-footed booby or giant tortoise. And if you swim, snorkel or dive, don’t be surprised if a friendly sea lion shows up and wants to play with you. The typical one week cruise visits several of the Galapagos Islands and you can choose from wide range of ships from small cruise ships carrying 150 passengers to smaller sailing and motor yachts accommodating as few as 8 passengers. All ships take you ashore in small groups with a licensed naturalist guide. Island visits are strictly regulated by the government of Ecuador to protect this fragile area so you rarely encounter.

Machu Picchu

If Machu Picchu itself was the only reason to go it would be enough… but there is so much more. Cuzco, Peru is a glorious colonial city that is deeply rooted in its Inca past and the evocatively named Sacred Valley of the Incas is dotted with small villages and ancient ruins. The trek to Machu Picchu is one of world’s iconic adventures but it is difficult and often crowded. It can be far pleasanter and plenty of adventure still to be had in easier hikes in the Sacred Valley culminating in the train journey to this Lost City of the Incas. My favorite memory is of a night camped out along the easier route learning the Quechua names for the constellations of the southern hemisphere by our guide, a young Quechua native. ~Bea

Bicycle Tours

I won’t try to tell you that a bike tour is for everyone but you needn’t be an avid cyclist in spandex, crouched over your handlebars and clipped into the pedals to love a bike tour. You could be like me – someone who has always enjoyed riding recreationally, on a hybrid bike with fatter tires and upright handlebars, a little anxious about riding on the road and not in any hurry. I just love the trips I’ve done in France, Spain and Sicily and dream of more adventures in Croatia, Czech Republic and Viet Nam. There is no better way to immerse yourself in a culture as you pedal past vineyards, pause in a quaint village, picnic by the side of the road and attempt to chat with the local people. ~Bea


I spent 5 days in Morocco for an “adventure” of a totally different culture. This became evident the first morning as I heard the call to prayer from the balcony of the Hotel Mamounia in Marrakech. I traveled to the desert town of Quarzazate and the lovely walled seaside town of Essouria, passing villages carved into the Atlas mountains, goats climbing trees and women traveling to the local market with straw on their heads, all the while stopping for my driver to lay out his rug for his daily prayers. My guide, Mohammed became a friend so I was invited to his home for a meal with his family followed by mint tea in the vineyard under the stars. Without speaking the same language, his mother and I communicated through hand gestures and facial expressions… this became one of my top 10 most memorable travel moments. ~Mary Jo

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