Silence is Golden

Lake Orta is a glacial lake in the alpine foothills of Northern Italy. This lake is often overshadowed by the better known Italian Lakes of Maggiore and Como so not as many tourists find this serenely beautiful place. We had time to walk around the small town before taking a boat to the island.

As you can see from the picture above, Isola San Giulio lies in the center of Lake Orta and floats in front of the town.  The island is only 902 ft. long and 495 ft. wide and is known for its Benedictine Monastery of 85 cloistered nuns, founded in 1973.

I generally return home from my travels with some inspirational memory.  This island was my source.   There is a narrow pathway around the island set between historical buildings and private villas as illustrated in these pictures below.


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