Just How Curious Are You?


I got a 55!

Here is your Curiosity Quiz to find out just how curious you are.

There are 7 behaviors that make up curiosity as mentioned in the last postcard. By the way, who was curious enough to count and see that I only listed 6?
The below is now correct.

SEE: Observe the world around you with a new state of eyes.
ASK: Question the way things are and dig deep to better understand.
FEEL Empathize with others to learn about what moves and drives them
HEAR: Gain new perspective by listening to people different from you
TRY: Explore new places and try new things
MAKE: Tinker, Experiment, Iterate and Learn
CONNECT: Look for patterns, relationships and unexpected connections between ideas.

This quiz was prepared for Fathom Cruise Line by Curiosity Atlas www.curiosityatlas.com

Please answer the following questions on a scale of 1 to 5
It’s been over a year   1———-2———-3———-4———–5 In the last week


When was the last time you noticed something new in your neighborhood?

When was the last time you noticed a colleague or friend changed their look?


How recently have you questioned the status quo in a particular situation?

When was the last time you were the person in the group who kept asking questions?


How recently have you learned something unexpected about an acquaintance?

When was the last time you perceived something a friend was feeling before anyone else?


When was the last time you shared a meal with someone?

How recently have you invited others outside your field to bring a new perspective to a project or challenge?


When was the last time you tried something new or put yourself in a completely new situation?

When was the last time trying a new food excited you?


When was the last time you tinkered and experimented to try out a new approach on a project?

When was the last time you used trial and error to figure something out?
i.e. Not using the manual?


When was the last time you noticed that two very different things had something in common?

How recently have you used metaphors and analogies to explain things?

Total up your score. 70 is the highest you can get. 

Here are some questions that might get you thinking about being curious:

What is the one thing you might like to try?
Where are you planning to travel next?
Which person that you don’t know would you like to have dinner with?
What did you think would be boring but was actually interesting?

Take a look at this slide from the seminar to show you the Curiosity Loop.

9-8-photo2New Experiences give you New Perspective. New Perspective gives you New Insights and Ideas. These then turn into New Questions which will lead to New Experiences to find the answers. Once you start to be curious you will never stop….

They ended this session by suggesting you go off on your own curiosity quest.
As it turns out I will be off to Italy soon where I will share my curiosity with you in my next postcard. We start in Verona!


Even if you never want to visit Cuba, BE CURIOUS!

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