What Kind of Traveler Are you?

It is now time to address what we are all either outwardly expressing, or quietly thinking, due to the overall unrest in the world. What kind of traveler am I? I know I have been pondering this for a while and not just because I am in the travel industry. I have concluded that there that are 3 kinds of travelers and each one reacts to the unrest differently. First, you have to understand that I think we are all travelers in one way or another, and the defining differentiation is the distance we travel, the reasons we travel, and the overall satisfaction we receive from traveling.

Here is my breakdown:

You are comfortable staying near home and travel to do your errands, and meet up with friends in your local neighborhoods or possibly to further destinations that can be reached by car. For example, you spend most of your time on Cape Cod, but you do go over the bridge for an event in Boston or the New England region. You have always been this way and find that you have given up more extensive travels.

You like to travel and find that the overall benefits it brings to your life makes you want to keep on traveling. You like the feeling of joy and excitement as you anticipate an upcoming trip that will take you out of your daily routine. You like the fun of planning what you will see and do on your trip, and take the time to do some online research. You like the feeling of joie de vivre when you are experiencing your daily activities while traveling. You feel gratitude when you return home renewed and re-energized. The present state of the world? You will just adjust where you travel and possibly “see the USA in your Chevrolet”. Remember that jungle? I am singing it as I write this.

This train is a visually stunning experience as you travel between Vancouver and the Canadian Rockies or other interesting itineraries. Having taken a rail journey, it is as wonderful as the below reviews say it is. “Seven-time winner of World’s Leading Travel Experience by Train” World Travel Awards One of the world’s “Best Life-Changing Trips” travel & Leisure “This sleek blue train winds past foaming waterfalls, ancient glaciers, towering snow-capped peaks and roaring mountain streams.” Frommer’s

You have all the traits of the B traveler but you are also an intrepid traveler, and nothing is going to stop you from following through on your travel plans. You are on a quest to see the world and are committed to experiencing as many destinations as you have on your bucket list. You can’t imagine not having a trip to look forward to. You probably plan your next trip upon your return home from one. It is an important ingredient for the overall enjoyment of your life. the present state of the world? you will follow through with your scheduled travel plans and not hesitate to continue to travel abroad. Now it will come as no surprise that I am a C traveler. I have been asked over the last few months how I feel about traveling. I will announce my answer to all of you. I have a belief that my life will end as it is supposed to and God will have me be in the time and place where it will happen…in my house, on the street of Boston, or in another domestic or foreign destination. I won’t let fear rule my daily life and wreak havoc with my overall contentment and enjoyment of life. Now of course I do understand this is a personal choice, and I support all of my travelers in the decisions they make. Please let me know if you want some ideas of alternative destinations or just want to have a conversation about travel. I leave you with the following quote.

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