Sailing the Mediterranean

Go for the Experience

It exceeded my expectations!

After our time in Lisbon, we boarded the Windstar 310 passenger ship, Wind Surf, for an 8 night Culinary and Wine Delight themed cruise.

It WAS a delight to enjoy the wine tastings, chef demonstrations  and outings to the local markets with the executive chef.

This was the first cruise offered by Windstar in their new collaboration with The James Beard Foundation. I tend to shy away from inaugural cruises but this time I was in the right place at the right time. We all thought that the value of the on board amenities for this cruise was more than we expected. I knew we would have 5 complimentary wine tastings of 3 different wines each time during our cruise. What I didn’t realize was the bonus of then being able to continue to sip these delicious Spanish wines during dinner. I thought everyone on board was very friendly and maybe this is why!!

The wine expert is worth mentioning. His name is Steve Olsen from Please go to his blog to read all about him since I will not do him justice. What I can say is that he was the rock star of the cruise. He was so enthusiastic and passionate as he shared his knowledge of wines, Spanish ones in particular.  He took what could be a dry (pun intended) subject and made it very entertaining.

One of my two favorite ports was the charming mountain side white town of Mijas. They have bull fights every Sunday in the summer season. It brought back my memories of attending one when I was 13. At that time, there really were Spanish ladies with flowers in their hair and waving their fans. I think I still may have mine!


The pride of Granada, the Alhambra, a UNESCO World Heritage site ought to be on everyone’s list of must see attractions. this hilltop fortified place, once the residence of royalty, is an impressive example of Moorish architecture and design.

There is so much more to say so if you are interested in Windstar or any of our ports of call, do call and I will willingly share with you.  I leave you with a video of the sail away ritual on the Wind Surf. The music from the album, 1492: Conquest of Paradise by Vangelis captivates you as you watch the sails unfurl as you leave your port each evening. It was a memorable moment and will be with me always.

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