Why Travel?

Go for the Experience

I will never stop!

Lately, the word TRAVEL may elicit different feelings from all of you.  As a result of the recent terrorist attacks, some may feel afraid to leave home.  Some may feel ill at ease but decide to just change their travel plans to another destination.  Others become defiant and say they will never stop traveling. No matter how you feel I am sure we all send love to the families of the victims and say a silent prayer for peace in the world

I am in the last category above and not just because I am in the travel business. It goes deeper than that. Travel is such an integral part of who I am and I can’t imagine life without it. I have grown up traveling beginning at age 13 with a tour of Europe and find that it remains the constant in my life along with my family.  So let me share my top 5 reasons for travel.

  1. Something to Look Forward To:

               I love the anticipation of having a future trip to think about. I love to research the destination: Is there a special event happening? Is there a new exhibit at a museum? Is there food or wine of the country that I should be sure to taste? The trip occupies space in my mind for the months prior to departure and keeps a smile on my face.  Right now I am anticipating my Windstar cruise from Lisbon to Barcelona. I leave on April 22 and will sail on the Wind Surf sailing yacht with only 310 passengers.   It’s a Culinary and Wine Delight theme so I am excited. Enough of this dieting!! If I am successful your next postcard on April 28 will be from Spain!

  1. Treat Myself

            While I grew up Catholic and was taught to put others first, I have learned its okay to give myself a treat. I put in full days giving the best of me to my Northside travelers, to my Kings Way residents and to my family and my precious grandchildren. So, every once in awhile I feel deserving of a break from my daily routine. Obviously, my preference for a treat is a trip but it can also be a day at the ballet, a night at the movies or a glass of wine with friends sprinkled in between my trips.

  1. Broadens My Knowledge of the World

                 When I travel I like to think of myself as an unofficial ambassador. I like to be a responsible visitor to the country, one who values and honors the culture I am in and remains open to learning about their way of life. Actually, I often do my best charity work as I willingly tip those who help me enjoy my trip.

  1. Creates Lasting Memories
                    Do you know that an experience will give you more lasting happiness than the rush of the purchase of a material possession that often fades over time? While my house is filled with these material mementos, it is the memory of the trip that I can bring up any time which is so important.  I can go back to recreate the many moments that brought me feelings of happiness. These new experiences can stick with me forever.   It is one of the reasons why I like to help families plan their memorable reunions, milestone celebrations or just to experience the joy of traveling together.
  1. Appreciate Home
                     I always return home renewed and with a new perspective on life. I always return home grateful for the life I have created on beautiful Cape Cod.
Most importantly, I always return home ready to plan my next trip!





                                                         FRIDAY, MAY 6 AT NOON
                                         KINGS WAY GRILLE, YARMOUTHPORT, MA
                                               COST $20 for seminar and buffet lunch
Whether you have been on a river cruise or you are thinking of taking one, this informative seminar will guide you through the many choices that are now available today on the rivers. There are over 10 river cruise companies, all with their own personality and defining features who are wooing the future river cruise passenger. There are 23 new boats being launched just this year.

What are the most popular rivers to cruise? 
 What are the benefits of river cruising?
     What are the differences between the companies? 

As a river cruise specialist and avid fan, I will answer these questions and others to guide you through the many choices. You will leave with your own priority list of features to be confident you have the right match for your travel style.

I love to river cruise and will share my enthusiasm for this cultural immersion experience.

To make your reservation, go to www.northsidetravel.com or call 508-385-4100.

I would love to see you on the 6th.

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