We interrupt this broadcast….

Tony Appleton, the town crier for Romford, England admitted in July of 2013 that he came unannounced to proclaim the birth of the royal baby.   I did the same thing 2 weeks ago when I came into your mailbox with my first Postcard from Mary Jo.  I will now interrupt the series of postcards to explain my overall purpose in sending these reflections to you.   If you read the last postcard, you may or may not know that I attended a travel conference a few weeks ago.  One of the seminars focused on staying in touch with your clients. I have always been proud of the relationships that I develop with my travelers but can honestly say I have not been so good at sending a “newsletter” on a regular basis. They recommend every week! I am just not a hard core marketer and this will never be my style. However, I found that I liked sharing my recent trip with you and want to continue to share my thoughts and ideas on lots of topics.   So, I will send you a postcard every 2 weeks that will hopefully have tidbits of information that you will find of interest to you or others. It is now your choice to open, delete or opt out.  While I love hearing from you, please don’t feel that you are obligated to respond.  Hopefully, you will  find them entertaining and enjoy their arrival into your email box.  It goes without saying. Of course, that if you need any travel advice, you know where I am.

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