What comes after indulgence?


One month down, one to go!

One piece of advice they give about making resolutions is that you must share them to increase your chances of success. So here I go…

Travel brings me so many benefits and one of these for me is to indulge in the cuisine and beverages of the country I am visiting.  Despite the obvious consequences, I would not change this behavior since it is a major source of pleasure that I derive in my travels, and for me, adds so much to the overall travel experience.

Well as you can imagine I did a lot of indulging on my recent Around the World Jet Tour so I returned fat but enormously happy, no pun intended.  The result: a resolution to lose this excess “baggage” in the New Year. So, it has been a month of meals from a popular diet plan. I have been shocked into realizing how small a correct portion is and how much prettier the food looks on the outside of the diet food packages! However, I have had success and will continue for another month. If you see me a local restaurant having real food, please know it is allowed and must mean I am craving an evening of indulgence since my next trip is not scheduled until the end of April.  Will I give up indulgence when I travel… NEVER.

Do you know when your next trip is? Remember, it is “healthy” to have something to look forward to!

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