Mary Jo’s Adventures Featured in Cape Cod Times

We’re excited to share that while Mary Jo jets around the world, her adventure was featured today, Friday, November 6 in the Cape Cod Times. You can read the article here.

— The Team at Northside Travel


  1. Karin Benedict says:

    I am a fellow traveler and adventuress and loved the article In The Cape Cod times. I have worked InTravel for over twenty years and have made it to 60 countries. I would love to meet you and talk some time.
    I was reading your blog and you mention Edmundo Edwards…omg brought back a memory …of many years ago when I did a trip with A&K on there little red ship…and I picked it up in Samoa and Edmundo was on the ship as a lecturer and we sailed to Tahiti . He never heard of someone dressing their dog with a bandana! Many laughs
    I have also been following the around the world trip on A & K…my guide,from Kenya is on it…
    Hope to meet you

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