Experiencing Reality

I am writing this post from DCA as I experience a 4 hour delay in my return flight home to Boston. I will be vulnerable and share with you that I cried at the counter from sheer exhaustion and frustration. Now I know this will sound whiny, but where is my private jet? Where is Johann, my expedition leader? Where  is Jill to manage my luggage for me? Where is Chef Chris to give me a gourmet meal? Jet Blue gave me a $10 lunch voucher! I am now sitting in the American Lounge after paying $50 for the privilege of using their facilities. This seemed like a worthwhile expense to be able to spend the 4 hour delay comfortably.

I have been isolated from the outside world since I always choose to remain unconnected while I travel. I did hear about the Paris attacks while on the trip and am now watching the TV reports. Appalling is one word that comes to mind. Having just returned from the Muslim countries of Jordan and Morocco, I know how important it is not to categorize all Muslims as being terrorists. We met some warm and lovely people who were wonderful ambassadors for their countires.

Here is another back to reality comment. A few days before the end of the trip, I received an email from Nutrisystem.  How do they know I will need to address this concern! It was certainly my choice to over indulge and now will have to pay the piper. After all, I needed to enjoy all the different foods as part of my travel research!

This is just a quick post to get me re-focused on the fact that I have re-entered the real world.

I am still planning on a trip review post so stay tuned.


  1. Fran Elliott says:

    Welcome back MJ!! Relax and enjoy your down time….. Loved the blog and photos..super job. ..keep in touch, Fran Elliott

    • Joyce Gardner says:

      Welcome back. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful trip. Your videos, pictures and commentary were awesome. Next best thing to being there. My son loved Curious George…glad he was able to make the trip with you!
      Great job! Joyce

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