Experience Broadway

My one night trip to New York City to escort a group of travelers was much anticiapted until 3 days prior when we had torrential rain and a forecast of a hurricane! I had images of us sloshing in the water on the streets of New York amongst flying umbrellas that had become lethal weapons. So you can imagine my delight when I woke up on our day of departure to sunny skies. Thank you weather Gods. 

I am writing this from New York on another rainless day for us to walk the streets. Yesterday we enjoyed the Broadway performance of An American in Paris. It was a thrilling experience and clearly deserved its Tony Awards for Best Scenic Design and Best Choreagraphy. How can you go wrong when you start with music from George Gerswhin, add 2 leads who are principle dancers from the New York City Ballet and then enfold these 2 ingredients for success in a visually stunning and creative set. I will recommend that you see this performance from the mezzanine so you can be looking down to see the whole stage and appreciate the movement from the right perspective. 

We then went off to the resturant Becco for a delicious meal that was amazingly affordable for New York City. For exmple, I had their signature 2 course dish that started with a choice of a Ceaser salad or antipasti followed by a trio of pasta tastings with an all you can eat feature. It cost $23.95! It was DELICIOUS. Now I know why it had a line outside of expectant diners. 

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