Experience Awe

I am off today in search of awe! Let me explain.

There is a study from Stanford University psychologists on the correlation between awe and happiness.
This study states that awe is an emotion we feel when we encounter something so beautiful that it changes our perspective, at least for a moment. They showed the study participants “awe videos” of waterfalls, whales, astronauts in outer space, and “happiness videos”, showing parades of smiling, joyful people or rainbow confetti falling from the air. The result: By fixating on these awe or happy moments, time seemed to slow down, making participants feel like they had more of time to spare.

Study author, Melanie Rudd feels that there is a growing concern that people feel time –starved, which extracts a toll on health and well-being. The study shows that “being in the present moment elongates time perception”, and makes people want to “partake in experiential goods over material ones.”

The study finding: “ an awe-inspiring experience, or a moment that overwhelms to the point that time seems to stand still can improve our mental state and make us nicer people overall.

I should be coming back a saint after so many of these awe inspiring experiences and moments!

My next post will be from 11,200 ft in Cuzco, Peru.

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